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Range Rates:


Tues-Thur. 1 hour limit

Fri, Sat, Sun. 1/2 hour limit

Range Fees are good all day. Time limits in place for when there's a wait to use the facility.       Last call is 1/2 hour before we close, so prepare to be here an hour before store closure. 


 Range Fee $15 per shooter


Gun rental 10.00 PLUS cost of Ammunition. See list below.


All Shooters must have a valid ID to enter the range!

Illinois Shooters must have FOID card for Rentals.


 Ammunition Prices

Caliber Quantity Price
.22LR 50   5.99
.25ACP 50 22.00
.32ACP 50 21.99
.380ACP 50 25.99
9mm 50 18.99
.38SPL 50 21.99
.357MAG 50 29.99
.357SIG 50 28.00
.40SW 50 22.50
10mm 50 32.00
.45ACP 50 26.95
.44SPL 50 39.95
.44MAG 50 42.00
.45LC 50 36.99
.50AE 20 44.00


Ammunition prices are subject to change

Gun rental's require ammo purchase from our store

Illinois Residents Must Have FOID Card To Rent/Buy Ammunition







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